Seminar on Plastic Applications and Technologies for New Energy Vehicle Power Triboelectric Systems

With the "double carbon" and the lightweighting of new energy vehicles, the global automotive industry is accelerating its transformation towards electrification and intelligence, and it has become a general consensus in the industry that new energy vehicles are the future direction of automotive development. The choice of plastics can effectively improve the development of new energy vehicles towards safer, more reliable and higher performance.

Conference Overview

Name: New Energy Vehicle Power Battery Plastic Application and Technology Seminar

Time: April 19, 2023 (3rd day of CHINAPLAS)

Address: Conference Room, 2nd Floor, Shenzhen International Convention & Exhibition Centre, between Exhibition Hall 14 and 16

Number of participants: 150+

Attendees: Modified plastics enterprises, new energy vehicle enterprises, injection molding processing enterprises, plastic additives enterprises and other material research and development responsible person, market application responsible person, material procurement responsible person, enterprise managers, etc.


Conference Highlights

1、10+ speakers, 30+ OEMs, 100+ industry chain professional guests

2、Industry upstream and downstream come together to discuss the new direction of industry development

3、Connect with key industry professionals and expand industry contacts

4、Face-to-face exchange of ideas and discussion on power battery technology development and best practices

5、In-depth research to create modular content by function, accurate and professional

6、Multiple rounds of expert review, all-star lecturers, straight to the point, no advertising

Proposed topics

Report 01: New Energy Vehicle Market and Technology Development

Report 02: New Energy Vehicle Power Battery Development Trend and Market Analysis

Report 03: New energy vehicle busbar metal coating solutions and application cases sharing

Report 04: How engineering plastics contribute to the safety and reliability of battery and charging system

Report 05: Challenges and Solutions for Thermal Runaway Protection of Power Batteries

Report 06: The Performance of High Performance Polyamide in Battery Thermal Management System

Report 07: Polycarbonate Solutions for Battery Packs

Report 08: Advantages of High Performance PEEK Coated Cables in Electrified Vehicles

Report 09: How to select the right materials to improve power battery range, safety performance and recycling efficiency?

Report 10: Innovative materials and water-assisted molding technologies for lightweighting electric vehicles

Report  11: The application of SABIC flame retardant reinforced PP in battery packs

Report  12: Solutions for high-voltage electrical busbars for electric vehicles

Report 13: Best practices of Celanese in high voltage connectors for new energy vehicles

Companies to be invited to attend

BYD, Tesla, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Geely, Volkswagen, NIO, Li Auto, Xiaopeng, GAC, FAW, Chang'an Auto, EMS, DSM, DOMO, Ascend, Covestro, Victrex, Solvay, Akro, SABIC, Evonik, Celanese, Dow Chemical, DuPont, LANXESS , Polykemi, Constantia, LG Chemical, Sangyang Plastics, Lotte Plastics, ALBIS, Teijin Chemical, BASF, INVISTA, Jinfa Technology, Nanjing Julong etc.

Reporting requirements

Length of presentation: 30 minutes

Deadline for guest confirmation: 13 February

Information required from guests: topic, presentation title, company logo, Speaker's name, title, 30-word profile, professional photo.


Conference enquiries

Fixed line: (021) 52688862

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Contact email: wei.liu@plaschain.com